Japanese Steals

Inspiration: Japan

Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto

So, you obviously don’t know this, but I’ve been living in Japan for the past year (sorry for the random picture of Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto). I’m actually getting ready to go back home (Portugal, if you must know) in December and having spent the past few weeks packing all my things and giving a lot of clothes away to recycle shops, I’ve realised how big an impact Japanese fashion had on me.

When I first arrived, one of the things I first did was to try and pick a fashion magazine that I liked, and this turned out to be one called “mer”. It isn’t a high-end fashion magazine, but about looks we can wear on our day-to-day lives and a lot of them are sponsored by cheaper stores like Uniqlo (which I LOVE, by the way).

In Japan, they call the models in this kind of magazine “Wearistas” (almost like an Instagrammer) and they all have very unique styles! A lot of them publish what’s called “Style books”, books that teach you how to match your clothes, and also Hair and Nail arrangement books.

Anyway, what first got me into this magazine was the very first issue I bought. In it they had two pages dedicated to three items of clothing. Only three. But the amazing thing they did with these three items is that they asked the models to create a look for each month of the year with that same item.

This was a breakthrough for me! A fashion magazine that showed me the full potential of a single item of clothing. And this has been helping me create new looks and layering clothes I’d never even think of wearing together!

That’s why I’d like to start this blog with a series on Japanese mainstream fashion pieces that I have added to my closet and that I have completely lost my head over!

Now, since this post is already too long for my liking, I’ll just leave you with a few Instagram accounts of wearistas that you can follow:


Also, you can follow me on Instagram (Scroll down to see the feed)! I’ve been posting my daily looks! So far they’ve been ok, but the week’s starting and I’m going to be wearing my work clothes (I work with kids) which means comfortable and that I don’t mind tearing. But the point of this Instagram is to show what I wear everyday, no shame!

Hope you enjoy mocking my comfy jeans!


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