Ines does fashion on Instagram!

Hey guys! If you’ve rolled down my blog you’ll see that I have an Instagram account of the same name! I created it as part of my “Find My Own Style Project” and I post on it everyday. The reason why I created it wasn’t because I wanted to get followers (although if it helps me I won’t complain) but because I wanted there to be an account that just shows the reality of everyday life.

So, on my account you’ll just see my honest everyday outfits, even if they’re repetitive or just bad they’ll be there. I also add no filters whatsoever and so far haven’t worn any makeup at all. I’m not saying that I’ll never wear any, it’s just to show you what I’m trying to do with this account.

And to give you an even better idea, here’s the pictures that I’ve shared so far.

One thing I did find doing this project is how hard it is to take a picture! Especially when you’re on your own and all you have is your phone and nothing else. And it’s so embarrassing posing! I have new found respect for Instagrammers. They must take so many pictures before getting to the one they post! I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t be one of those people that takes 500 pictures just to get the perfect one, but it’s difficult.

I’ve taken 5 pictures at most to get one I like to put on Instagram, but recently I’ve tried to post the first one. I think this will be a good exercise on lifting my self esteem. We have to learn to accept ourselves and the way we look. That’s why I’m loving this project, and hope more will join me!

Love yourselves! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more embarrassing pictures!


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