Japanese Steals

Japan Style 2: The Shirt Dress

Now this was a piece that I thought I’d love just on its own. I love long shirts, and I especially love flannel shirts. So when I found that there were shirt dresses I went crazy and immediately went online to find the best one!

However, I could never have imagined the amount of ways that you can style a shirt dress! And that’s what my first magazine showed me. So, here are a few looks from a Japanese fashion magazine so you guys can have an idea.

True, I don’t like all of the looks. And I wonder how comfortable the layered looks are, Japanese wearistas layer clothes in the weirdest of ways, but I did like a lot of them and have worn my shirt dress in a number of ways.

Here are a few photos of me trying out different looks.

You can tell that one of the photos was from a while ago (before I cut my hair), but what do you think? Am I doing it right? Which one is your favourite look? And which one should I try next?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Layer up! It’s getting cold!


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