Japanese Steals

Japan Style 3: Dungarees

Hey everyone! So, here’s another post on something that I had been wanting for a while, even before coming to Japan: Dungarees! They’ve been a big thing for quite a long time, but I always felt a bit unsure about them.

As my previous post of me trying out velvet trousers (click here to check it out!), I’m a bit insecure as to my hips and legs. Whatever I wear has to not make them look bigger or flat. So when I found out about dungarees these were my first thoughts:

“Oh my god! They’re so cute! I gotta have them!!! But … I’ll probably look like a big baby. With a huge butt. And no shape. I’ll look like a potato….”

Anyway, it was in Japan that I finally made a decision when it came to dungarees, and here is a few examples of what local magazines showed me:

Aren’t they adorable? That’s exactly what made me rush online and get myself a pair just for me! And of course I got too excited and made the mistake of deciding on a pair too quickly. I accidentally got brown corduroy dungarees thinking they were block cotton (don’t judge me, the website was in Japanese!).

However, when I put them on, I immediately loved them!! They’re so comfortable! And I actually like the colour now, it’s quite a dark shade of brown. I’ve worn them a few times and I’m quite happy with the purchase. The only thing I will say is that corduroy does attract a LOT of lint. So always have a roller ready!


What do you think? Adorable? Would you wear corduroy dungarees?

Let me know in the comments!


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