Japanese Steals

Japan Style 7: Short A Line Skirts

By the time this post is published, I’ll be on a plane on my way back to London from Japan. For those who don’t know, I’ve spent the last 15 months living in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan teaching English to children. It’s been a wonderful year. I was able to travel and make amazing new friends and learn about a culture I had always been curious about.

It’s with a mix of happiness and sadness that I’m leaving Japan, but isn’t that always the case when moving countries? Anyway, I’m writing this two weeks prior to my flight, as I’m going to travel a little bit more around this amazing country before going and want to keep this blog on schedule. So, on with the actual post!

Short A-line skirts have been fashionable for a while, and I actually already owned one before I came to Japan, so today I just want to share the various looks that I was so excited about from my favourite Japanese magazine Mer. Hopefully they’ll inspire you guys as well.

Notice all the colour mixes, patterns and different fabrics used and you’ll see why Japanese people have managed to grab a now mainstream item into something more:

So, which look is your favourite? Which ones do you hate? Let me know what you think in the comments!


Japanese Steals

Japan Style 3: Dungarees

Hey everyone! So, here’s another post on something that I had been wanting for a while, even before coming to Japan: Dungarees! They’ve been a big thing for quite a long time, but I always felt a bit unsure about them.

As my previous post of me trying out velvet trousers (click here to check it out!), I’m a bit insecure as to my hips and legs. Whatever I wear has to not make them look bigger or flat. So when I found out about dungarees these were my first thoughts:

“Oh my god! They’re so cute! I gotta have them!!! But … I’ll probably look like a big baby. With a huge butt. And no shape. I’ll look like a potato….”

Anyway, it was in Japan that I finally made a decision when it came to dungarees, and here is a few examples of what local magazines showed me:

Aren’t they adorable? That’s exactly what made me rush online and get myself a pair just for me! And of course I got too excited and made the mistake of deciding on a pair too quickly. I accidentally got brown corduroy dungarees thinking they were block cotton (don’t judge me, the website was in Japanese!).

However, when I put them on, I immediately loved them!! They’re so comfortable! And I actually like the colour now, it’s quite a dark shade of brown. I’ve worn them a few times and I’m quite happy with the purchase. The only thing I will say is that corduroy does attract a LOT of lint. So always have a roller ready!


What do you think? Adorable? Would you wear corduroy dungarees?

Let me know in the comments!