Ines buys...

Ines buys… socks!

So, a big thing here in Japan is a big Western fashion no-no: socks and sandals!!!

I know, I know, it’s one of the worst things in the world EVER! But Japan has managed to make it look cute and even classy. Japan is a great country to be in if you’re looking to buy yourself a cute pair of socks! And no, I’m not just talking about these:


Although, I must confess, I have bought a few… mainly to wear at work to make my students laugh.

But they also have a huge selection of classy and cute socks, not just to wear with sandals, but with any kind of shoes! Here in Japan, socks are a really important accessory, especially because you have to take your shoes off in so many places just to get in.

I’ll definitely write a post later on showing you how they style socks, but today I just wanted to talk about a big hit over here: sheer socks!

Sheer socks are just so cute! They wear them here to jazz up a sandal look or just with flats or classic heels. These are the ones I bought on a recent trip to Shibuya’s famous clothes shopping center: 109 (ichi maru kyuu). I still haven’t tried wearing them, as it’s winter and quite cold, but I just love the pineapple socks!

What do you think? Was it money down the drain? Would you wear these socks with a pair of cute sandals? Let me know in the comments!